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When playing Plinko at an online casino, there are three different risk levels, each of which offers a different strategy. You determine your chances for the best Plinko strategy and maximum winnings by choosing one of these:

  • Low – a tremendous opportunity to make money, but payments will be meager;
  • Medium – Plinko offers a somewhat lower probability of winning, but a greater possibility of receiving a huge prize;
  • High – there is little chance of winning here, but if you do, the winnings might be amazing.
choosing a risk level in Plinko

An illustration of risk factors and game opportunities is as follows:

Plinko SpribeNumber of lines

Due to Plinko’s immense popularity, other developers have developed their interpretations of what a “low-risk” for the best Plinko strategy will entail. When playing the green ball in the best game Spribe, the player can lose no more than x0.5 of his wager if the ball strikes the center cell.

Both the side cells and the center cells in Plinko from ELA Games have minimum multipliers of x0.6.

There is the best Plinko strategy that is suited for everyone, despite the many game designs and setups, such as the number of lines. The basic of the best crash strategy is to play by placing modest bets (between 0.5 and 1% of the bankroll) and maintaining as much distance as you can.

Since x1.1 or x1.5 odds occur frequently, consistent little winnings frequently offset losses.

If you play Spribe’s Plinko slot machine, there is the best probability that the chip will end up at x11 after 10 rounds. When selecting 16 rows in the Stake game Plinko, the maximum multiplier is x16 at a low level, much like in BGaming. ELA Games at “low risk” pay out a maximum of x10, similar to 1×2 gaming.

Middle Risk in Plinko

A somewhat greater budget spending is implied by playing at an average level of risk, but as a result, the coefficients in the cells are higher. For instance, in Spribe’s Plinko, the average level is represented by yellow balls, and there are already not one but three losing multipliers on the line that matches the color of the chips.

Winning cells fly up to x25 starting at x11. And if you use 16 pins, the coefficients are x0.2 at the minimum and x118 at the maximum.

Other suppliers refer to the game’s typical difficulty as “medium,” “mid,” or “normal.” For instance, we note that there are three losing cells when playing Plinko on

Skittles have a minimum coefficient of x0.4 and a maximum coefficient of x0.7 on 8 lines, x0.3, x0.5, and x0.5 on 16 lines, respectively. According to the number of rows, the maximum multipliers likewise rise 8 rows x13, and 16 rows x110.

When playing at this level, it is best to avoid placing bets that are too large and instead stick to 1-2% of your bankroll. Yes, your budget will be depleted more quickly, but the odds of x1.2 or x1.8 are rather typical.

medium risk Plinko strategy

Different Opinions on High Risk at Plinko

Maximum play is a high-risk approach. For instance, red balls in Spribe’s Plinko represent a high level. The bet is immediately accepted by 4 cells, and the center cell multiplies it by 0 right away.

However, there are always significant wins where there is a substantial likelihood of losing. They are spectacular at the red level: wagering on 12 lines increases revenue by x141 times while wagering on 16 lines increases it by as much as x555 times!

You may increase your wager by x30 when playing Plinko from 1x2gaming on “high” on 8 lines and by x420 while playing on 14 lines! In addition, there are more losing cells: while playing on 8 lines, there are 3 in the center (x0.3, x0.2, x0.3), and when playing on 14 lines, there are already 5 (x0.3, x0.2, x0.2, x0.2, x0.3).

answers to questions about strategies in Plinko


What Plinko approach is the best for new players?

When you first start playing Plinko, it’s advised to utilize the minimum, take calculated risks with modest wagers, and play as far away as you can. You may do this to discover the game’s features without having to spend a lot of money.

Is there a strategy to win in Plinko?

Unfortunately, no Plinko strategy can ensure victory. Every ball toss is a chance occurrence, and the game’s outcome cannot be influenced by strategies. However, there is a lot of casino advice from seasoned players that need your consideration.

At what point in the best game should you quit winning?

To prevent losses, it is advised to set your limit in advance and to terminate the best game when it is reached. It’s critical to keep in mind that there is no guarantee of success in gambling, and there is always a chance of losing.

What is Plinko’s highest possible win?

In Plinko, the maximum victory is determined by:

  • Wagering in the game;
  • Developer and casino (Plinko by BGaming maximum bet is 100 EUR * X555; Plinko by Stake is 2,500 EUR * X1000);
  • Where the ball lands on the cells.

Remember, you can always play Plinko for free without the risk of losing money.

Expert Opinion

Everything in the best game of Plinko is based on chance. There is no one strategy to wager that will ensure success or entry into high-paying cells. However, the randomization and excitement-related feelings make Plinko a particularly entertaining game.

This slot machine’s popularity is due to the flexibility of the risk level and other game parameters. The highest Plinko strategy gives you the potential to strike the jackpot with a large payment, whilst a low approach consistently offers minor prizes. You should engage in high-risk games, have a substantial bankroll, and be ready to lose a lot more money.

We advise you to establish and adhere to a win/loss cap before you begin playing. You may prevent chasing losses in the best game by doing this. It is important to remember that Plinko requires patience, so do not spend all of your money right once because big jackpots could not come right away.

The maximum profit in Plinko is set by the casino through the betting limit, and it varies depending on the game’s kind. When you wager on the maximum number of pins in Plinko, where the largest rewards are placed, your chances of winning the huge jackpot rise.

Javier Salas, online casino expert.